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Trinity Contacts

Minister: Rev. Andrew Webb - 01772 323818, rev.webb@btinternet.com

Treasurer: Mrs. F. Robinson - 01254 852437

Church Council Secretary: Mrs. K. Whittle

Church Council Members: Mrs. F. Robinson  Mrs. K. Whittle Mrs. D. Bonser  Mrs. J. Tillotosn  Mr. M. Oldfield  Mrs. M. Gillibrand  Mrs. G. Whittingham  Mr. A. Robinson

                                        Mrs. J. Oldfield  Mr. L. Knowles   Mrs. C. Miles  Mr. T. Bonser


Senior Steward:  Mrs. J. Tillotson andrew@tillotson.plus.com

Stewards: Mrs. M. Gillibrand 01772 336588, Mr. M. Oldfield 01772 620637, Mob 07843110577,  oldfield593@yahoo.co.uk

Worship leaders:  Mrs. G. Whittingham 01254 854717, gill_whittingham@yahoo.co.uk

Worship consultation and Local Preacher: Mr. T. Bonser 01254 854323 tbonser@aol.com

Pastoral  Committee Secretary: Mrs. D. Bonser 01254 854323 tbonser@aol.com

Pastoral visitors: Mrs. H. Bailey, Mrs. K. Claxton, Mrs. M. Gillibrand, Mr. A. Hodgson, Mrs. F. Robinson, Mrs. P. Shaw, Mrs. C. Worden, Mrs. K. Jackson

Property Stewards: Mr. M. Oldfield 01772 620637 Mob.07843110577, oldfield593@yahoo.co.uk - Mr. L. Knowles 852345

World Church Secretary: Mrs. C. Miles 01772 337568

Wednesday Fellowship: Mrs G. Whittinham 01254 854717, gill_whittingham@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday School Leadership: Mrs. C. Garritty, Mrs. J. Oldfield  01772 620637, june086@yahoo.co.uk


Musicians: Mr. D. Whittingham  01254854717, Mrs. J. Southworth, Miss. A. Bibby 01772 313501

Messy Church and Youth Leaders: Mrs. J. Tillotson andrew@tillotson.plus.com, Mrs. J. Oldfield june086@yahoo.co.uk Mrs. G. Whittingham 01254 854717,

                                                           Mrs. K Garritty, Mrs. T, Morris, Mr. D, Whittingham, Mrs. C. Worden, Mrs. K. Whittle. Mrs. M. Worden.


Safeguarding: Mrs. G. Whittingham 01254854717

Gift Aid Secretary: Mrs. M. Worden 01254 853836 - hoghtonupvc@gmail.com

Booking Secretary: Mrs J. Oldfield june086@yahoo.co.uk

Notices, IT, Website , Sphere Magazine: Mr. G. Whittle 01254 853144, gwhittle@talk21.com


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If there are any errors or omissions or if you have any issues with the content of this website please contact Mr. G .Whittle  and/or Rev. Andrew Webb