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Christmas at Cheapside

By Thora Hird

Very often on ‘Praise Be’ we have the hymn "O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing".

I love that hymn, but in my heart the tune, Lyngham, will always be associated with Christmas time.

In Morecambe, when I was a child, the Salvation Army Band would march along Cheapside on Christmas morning every year, playing "Christians Awake”

(and if any Christians weren't already awake - they soon were!).

They'd always end with "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night", played’ to the tune of Lyngham.  

Some people say it doesn't fit, but it does, like this:

While Shepherds wa-a-a-a-atched their flo-ocks by-y night


All seated on the ground


All sea-ea-eza-ea-eat-ted on the Ground

The angel o-o-of the Lo-o-ord came down

And glory shone (and glory shone) around


This item is from Thora Hird’s Book ‘Praise Be’ book

by Thora Herd and Elizabeth Gort (Copyright).

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Five short prayers for Advent and Christmas - by Lynne Newland

Jesus our Prince of Peace, we pray that every time a carol is sung, a Christmas greeting spoken, a nativity play performed, that your name be honoured and glorified and that hard hearts be melted to receive you afresh. Amen

Lord Jesus, from the repetitive muzak carols heard in every shop and supermarket to the frantic shopping for glitzy gifts, may we, your disciples, be ready to grasp every opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas with others. Amen

Lord Jesus, as we await your coming, help us to look for you in the hoodie on our estate, the beggar on the street, the outcasts in our society and open our hearts to love others as you do. Amen

As people strip away the Christmas wrappings may they find your precious gift of love within. Come Lord Jesus, Advent is ending. Amen

Lord, I pray that your Spirit of truth and love will fill the hearts of those for whom Christmas has no meaning. Amen

From the Methodist Church Website