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Lectionary Readings for February 2019

Lectionary Readings for March 2019

Prayer of Praise

Open our eyes to see you,

open our ears to hear you,

open our lips to praise you,

open our hearts to love you,

and bless us gracious Lord.

With open eyes we thank you,

for all the beauty that we can see,

all the wonders we can recognise,

and the richness of life we can appreciate.

With open ears we thank you,

or the learning that takes place each day,

for all the music and television we listen to,

and for the ability to hear the still small voice inspire us.

With open lips we thank you,

for the joy of chatting to our friends,

for sharing our stories and secrets,

and for speaking your truth and sharing your glory with others.

With open hearts we thank you,

for the love we have experienced  in our life,

for the everyday pleasures  that make us smile,

and for the love of Christ that brings us life.

(Taken from Spill the Beans, the worship resource we use in our worship planning)