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Published September 2018

This update will cover September and October

This summer has been one of the warmest and driest summers for many years.

It has been lovely to have weeks of sunshine and to leave the umbrella and waterproof coat hung up at home.


It has however been a bit challenging for my garden and I have been saving washing up water and shower water so that I can keep watering. Mind you the advice on watering gardens is clear.


You need to water in a way that establishes good root systems and encourages the plants to send their roots down deep into the soil to draw on the moisture that can be found there. There is no point watering little and often, an occasional good soak is much better.


There are echoes here of the story Jesus tells of the sower and the plants that are rooted in shallow or stony soil. When the sun comes out they wither and die.


Much better to be the plants in good soil with deep roots who can face the challenges of the weather and produce fruit regardless.

As those who follow Jesus we need to be rooted in him and to draw on God for our strength, our hope, our peace.


That means immersing ourselves in his love and being willing to seek out the good things he offers to us, relying and trusting in him.

Then when things are challenging or difficult and when dry times come we have the faith to know that he will not let us down and we can live in him and his goodness.


Sometimes our faith may seem fragile and sometimes it will feel strong but it is faith none the less and if we are rooted in God he will never let go of us.

I know that as autumn comes that the warm summer may be a distant memory but even when the cooler weather and rains come, stay rooted in God, our strength and our rock.

Grace and peace, Andrew.

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